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WordPress Backup Guide – How to WordPress Backup

WordPress backup is very important because there is tone of issues that can destroy your blog because of some little mistakes even some usually using plugins can damage blog scripts once damaged a normal user are unable to fix it then blogger have to pay money to some master for fixing errors. So you should build your backup automatically every minutes once your blog got damage you can restore it immediately. This was the brief importance why wordpress backup is important.
How to do WordPress Backup with complete MysqlDatabase & Filemanager best ways
It is not compulsory only do wordpress backup even if you are on BlogSpot blog then you also should keep backup or if you are on website then keep backup.
There is many ways to do wordpress backup but I will explains some important and working methods of wordpress backups.

WordPress Backup Guides

Here is:
  1. How to do WordPress backup with phpmyadmin & Filemanager from Cpanel
  2. How to do WordPress backup from Cpanel
  3. How to do WordPress Backup with WordPress backup Plugin (Automate WordPress backup to Dropbox)
So let’s Start Tutorial

1. How to do wordpress backup from Cpanel with phpmyadmin & filemanager  a complete Guide.

Step 1 >> go to your Cpanel login if you don’t know get it from your host provider and login to cpanel onec you login roll down the page and seek for phpmyadmin tab once you found press it may be you have to login with your Mysql Database details or maybe it will login automatically.

Step 2 >> Open Phpmyadmin and choose your sql database and select all tables and click on export button
Step 3 >> Once you goes for exporting database it will ask to choose compression method leave anything just press Go buttons.

You are done Mysql database file will began download.
Now Another Step Backup filemanager go to filemanager and select all files and compress it you can download it quickly or login using ftp client you can download all files for more instructions watch our video Tutorial.

2. How to do WordPress backup from Cpanel Official Cpanel Backup Feature

This is official website backup feature from cpanel you can use it to backup your wordpress blog complete and also can restore.
Step 1 >> Go to Cpanel and Find for Backup Wizard and press the tab.

Step 2 >> Press Backup Button
Step 3 >> Press Full Backup button and Continue if you want to backup only mysql database you can do also by selecting from right side of the options page.

Step 4 >>

3. How to do WordPress Backup with Dropbox (Automate WordPress Backup)

It is best way to do backup wordpress it will automate do backup for your wordpress you can schedule it to when ever you want to do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or what any time. It will store files to your dropbox account.
So getting start Guide:
Step 1 >> You need a dropbox account if you have not you can signup here.
Step 2 >> Go to wordpress blog and Install new wordpress plugin click here to download plugin.
Learn: How to Install WordPress Plugin
Step 3 >> Once you installed plugin got to WordPress backup plugin settings and authorized your wordpress with your dropbox account once you linked please continue it.

Step 4 >> Now click on backup log or backup section and do backup and make schedule.

Here is Backup Log

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