Saturday, 22 June 2013

Using Social Networking Websites To Boost Traffic

Social Networking website's always play's important factor towards increasing website traffic.Many website giant use it as magic wand which increase's there traffic.But to become successful you have to work hard till you start getting result's.You could use social networking website's as an advertising agent.Tons of user's daily visit social networking website to interact with there friend during the interaction they lead towards your website.Most of Social Networking website's like Facebook,Twitter,Flickr and etc are used commonly to increase popularity of website.The latest addition in social networking website is Google Plus.It is beating almost every social networking website,this is the reason why publisher is now using Google plus instead of Facebook,twitter and etc.Today's Topic is To Drive Traffic From Social Networking Websites

1.Increasing Traffic Through Facebook:
Facebook has great importance on the internet so now days its becoming compulsory for every publisher to build there own Facebook page related to there website niche.But your major work is not done after you create your Facebook page.You must have sufficient likes to build traffic for your website.You can ask your friends,family to like your page but it will not give you desirable results.To increase your Facebook Page like you have to work hard and when your likes are increased just enjoy the true fruits of traffic.Your website must contain a facebook share widget.If you want to spread your content this will boost your traffic a lot

2.Building Twitter Follower's To Build Traffic:
Twitter always remained in Headlines from very start,so you must have a twitter account but more importantly you must have good amount of followers on twitter in order to drive traffic from it.You must insert a tweet Now widget in your website to link your content on twitter this will not only increase your backlinks but also work as a traffic machine.

3.Using Google Plus To Boost Traffic:
Google plus has great importance in social networking website.It's even more important and useful then Facebook.The Google + feature makes it more useful for a publisher.But you must have peoples in your circle to make it working.When ever any one in your Google plus contact will share or Plus 1 any url/content it will automatically ranked well in your Google search if you are logged in your Google plus account.But when you are not logged in your Google Plus one account this will not work and the search results will be totally different

4.The Remaining Important Social Networking Websites:
LinkedIn:Your Website must have LinkedIn Share button to increase traffic
MySpace:Help you to build backlinks and traffic
Flickr:Help you to To build your website community and to build backlinks
From The Editor's Desk:
So i hope you have enjoyed a treat of tips to increase your website traffic via social networking websites.If you spend 2 to 3 hours a week on social networking websites,I am certain it will help you to boost your traffic.More importantly you should not spam,follow all the rules and regulations of social networking websites if you fail to do so you might face detention in form of banning

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