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Google Dofollow Penalty Coming and How to Avoid it

Beware all the bloggers out there! Google Do Follow penalty is coming and it will hit your blog soon. If you are a blogger and accepting guest posts/sponsored posts/paid posts just for generating an increase in income then you have to stop all such kind of work. As Google’s Do Follow penalty will hit only those blogs that are involved in selling links/accepting guest posts/sponsored posts and even those bloggers who are allowing other bloggers to write an article for them and in return they will get a link. Such bloggers are on the hit list and there are many chances that these blogs will soon be hit by the penalty in the coming days. According to our research, Google has been examining various blogs and there are many blogs who face a serious decline in traffic and there might be some chances that these websites are involved in Do Follow linking.
If you are a blogger and want to save your blog from such penalty then you have to follow some of our advices.

If you are running a Do-Follow blog:

If you are a blog owner, and publishing many do-follow articles. What is Do-Follow? In simple words, “You scratch my back and I scratch yours”. Or we can say, you put my links in your blog and I will do the same for you. Both the parties will get a link back in return. This is called Do-Follow linking and it’s done just to increase the site’s reputation. But now Google is putting penalty on such websites that are involved in it. This is the main reason, why we advise you to stay away from do-follow linking.

If you are accepting sponsored/paid or guest posts:

If you have a blog and you are accepting guest posts, paid posts, or sponsored posts then it’s best to avoid them now. All these posts or articles have a backlink and Google is taking some serious measures to end this issue once and for all. So, we advise to stop posting too much guest/paid posts.

If you’re involved in comment linking:

Many bloggers add their links, when commenting on another blog. We have also seen many blog that allow other bloggers/blogs to add comment and get a back link. This is really an old technique and a lame one. e.g.: “I love your blog and you should check my blog too (This is blah blah link)”. Many blogs who are involved in this technique they should stop it as fast as possible.
Finally, we just want to tell you if you are a new blogger or a professional one, you should make back links by writing something unique and reader friendly. Spamming and Do-following is over, now it’s time to do it the hard way. So be prepared for it.

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