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How long must I wait?

Why is God not answering my prayers? I have dedicated my whole life to Him. I have given to charity, I have fasted, I helped others, and I completely made an effort to change my life because of Him. If you resemble any of those qualities, then we can sympathize with you. Its a feeling that nobody wants to be trapped in. It almost feels like a wall that is never going to move. We speak to it and all we hear is our voice bouncing back. Will this ever end? Yes it will.

Its not easy to say a prayer and pretend that God is going to answer, when it feels like a one way communication. When all we do is wait and we don't see any results. No matter what anyone says, no matter what words of encouragement they give us, it is only a temporary satisfaction. We don't get what we pray for. We get discouraged, and our sadness starts over and over, and we repeat the same process once our friends leave us. Is there really any value to prayer? That depends on how you view it.

While you see a wall and can only hear yourself, that's really not a bad thing. Honestly, that's not all that is happening, but meanwhile in the process, you actually get to know yourself better. A lesson that may come in handy when you are ready for the great plan that God has prepared for you.

The wall you have been speaking to has been your old you. You have a lot of barriers between you and others. By simply speaking to you everyday, you actually made it disappear. And while the wall was a long journey, a long effort of repetitive actions, you actually removed the biggest barrier to any great plans God has for you. You removed yourself. You removed your ego. Your ignorance. Not only that, you acquired patience, strength, wisdom and understanding. Skills that will come in handy when you begin the real journey.

When you have finally removed the wall of yourself, you are a transformed person. In that, you carry qualities that God wanted you to have before He was going to give you something great. He wanted you to be the best so you can deserve the best. He is God. He is the most just. When you ask for something that you are not ready for, and you show persistence, patience, willingness to acquire it, He merely works through you until you are ready. That's right. The answer is right around the corner, you just are not ready to receive it yet.

Truly, there was no wall between you and God. He always heard you. He always listened to you. He hates to see you suffering, but He hates to see you stagnant and not growing even more. After all, without all the tests and trials, you would always remain a baby. Without any struggles, you would never reach your full potential. We must understand that the all knowing works in miraculous ways. And while you may not understand and see no value out of his silence, when the right time comes, when God says you are ready, you will look back and smile. You will look up and say thank you for being silent.

His silence taught you contentment. It taught you imagination. It taught you that laziness and procrastination can only be solved by your effort. It taught you that wisdom comes with challenges and knowledge comes with difficulties. It is through severe trials that we learn the greatest lessons. When we reflect and look back, we change what didn't work to something new that will work. We change our bad qualities to new qualities. It is through refusal that God teaches us initiation. It is through silence that we open our hearts and minds to learn more. After all, God never wanted you to suffer, He wanted the best of you and for you.

The best of you has come to fruition almost. The best of you is wiser and stronger. Smarter and more patient. Humbler and ethical. The best of you now understands that God has all along been answering your prayer by gradually preparing you for the blessings He had already chosen for you. In time you will get what you wanted. For now, simply reflect of all the insignificant things you have asked in the past and see how God answered every one of your prayers. He will answer this one as well when He sees fit. Understand that the greater the significance, the greater the wait. Learn it, practice it, and live it.

While you waited and cried and was desperate for an answer, God was preparing the mission for you. He knew the barriers ahead were large and many. He knew that you had no tools and skills to deal with them. He didn't want you to fall short of your mission, He wanted you to go through and finish it. He wanted you to be happy, because His mission is your greatest happiness.

While the prayers were long and repetitive, He was working in you. God was aligning your heart with a noble cause. He made you earn a reward in this world. And while the reward was truly difficult to earn, all you will ever remember is the journey. The difficulty you went through to achieve your wish. Because in the end, the journey only prepared you for another journey. An eternal journey that you will see, touch, feel and hear, all because of the path you chose to walk persistently. And even though it wasn't easy, it will all be worth it. You will come out victories both in this world and especially in hereafter where it matters.

So when that time comes, the time where you finally get what you have been asking for, don't forget to ask yourself: Do you like the new you? Do you like new things? Have you found happiness in different things? Have you found greatness other than with God? Have you found anyone more loving than God? Have you found anyone more generous than God? Have you found anyone more reliable and dependent than God?

Your answers will and should not surprise you. Anyone who walks the path with God should experience a complete transformation. A change in moral character and increase in spirituality. So be thankful you took the journey, because when the journey ends in this world, the eternal journey begins with a smile in your face; God-willing. So hang in there. You are closer today than you were yesterday. And tomorrow, you will be receive more thank you asked for. For indeed, God gives more than we ask.

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