Friday, 23 November 2012

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Life is a journey of no return

When someone plans to take a long journey, they plan accordingly and prepare for the worst. However, many of us do not realize that life itself is a journey to the hereafter. If we don't prepare with good deeds and a firm belief in God, we are heading to a destructive end.  We really are clueless. We do not know the purpose of the journey itself. And who takes a journey without a purpose? Only the unguided do. Only the ignorant. Only those who do no think logically. Who live to only feed their desires. Whose hopes for tomorrow are great, but they do nothing to work for it.

Many of us do not realize that the journey of life is only traveled once. Life itself is a journey on a thin sheet of ice. Every day, the ice is melting until it collapses. Similarly, as soon as we are born, we are aging until the ice melts─our death. We are not certain that tomorrow's sun rays will greet us. And that is the similitude of ice. Not only is it melting, but it can prematurely break due to outside forces. If we live a reckless lifestyle, we will one day sink deep under the cold waters hoping to take a deep breath one more time for hopes of surviving. However, it will be too late. Our end would be deep inside dark and cold waters. Our hopes of being found and rescued will be dim to none. No light will reach us, and ears will hear us. We are at the mercy of the water. And water has no mercy for those who are not equipped to deal with it. We are stuck there.

A believer who believes in God and who does good deeds, is traveling on thin sheet of ice, but he has the support of the water itself─God. Even though the ice may break, God will send us afloat to a safe and rewarding place─paradise. Without God, we end in the worst place. Helpless and lonely. We are stuck there forever. And that is hell-fire. Cold, lifeless, and dark.

You and I can think rationally. If we know that tomorrow we can end up broke without shelter and food, we work for it. We train ourselves with education. We work and we save to prepare for uncertainties. But how many of us do actually prepare for tomorrow to be our last day? 

The moral of this story is, enjoy life, but don't neglect the more important things in life. Your duty to your creator. Your duty to your future in the hereafter. 

You are your future. Make it bright.

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