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How-to Fast Pc Startup Speed with this Top 5 Guides

System optimization is important issue for everyone every guy want to improve system speed but they don’t know some little other skills how to do it. With system means any technology like Mobile or Computer PC.
So in this article I will tell you all about how to optimize and how to fast system startup speed whenever you going to start or restart your pc may be it shutdown within 1 minute but it take too much time to restart why? I know some basic tips and tricks about it you can make startup faster.
 How to Fast Pc Startup Speed with this Top 5 Guides
How to Fast PC Startup with this best 5 Tips
What We have to do for make PC more Faster?
Need to set many things there is many settings by default windows we can not change it normally so need to do with manually with some config commands. We will set start delay time and manage startup apps and many more alter stuff.
So Lets start…
Desktop Start Delay Time.
By default there is set 30 seconds and I think 30 seconds too much for starting up windows screen so we will do it 5 seconds…
Go to Start menu and open run or search run and open it and type msconfig a popup box will display go to Boot Option and there set 30 to 5 seconds.
How to Fast PC Startup Speed – Managing Boot Time

2. Defragment Your Hard Drive :
Go TO Start -> Accessories -> System Tools And Choose Disk Defragment.
Then Analyse The Disks And After Analyzing Is Over Click On Defrag.
How to Fast PC Startup Speed – Manage Startup Apps
It it most big issue for every one whenever someone start pc then some unwanted and non-usage tools start processing and eat processor then we are not able to use PC it make slow Pc speed.
So Remove some non-usage and unwanted startup apps
Go to Start menu type msconfig and Go to Startup Option there you will see all your installed applications you have to choose which one do you want to open apps when your PC Start. You can also disable or enable all. My advice is this only choose maximum 7 Startup Apps.
4. Delete Temporary Files
When ever you do any thing for example you watch an video on youtube it goes save into temporary files but you are unable to see because it is kind of basket. Also that files you download and it does not complete it also gone to temporary files. So you have to remove all temporary files and keep clean PC.
Go To Start And Open Run.
In The Run Menu Type %temp% And Press Enter.
Now The Folder Of Temporary Files Will Be Open.
Press Ctrl+A Select all and delete them all.
5. Scan Disk For Fix Issues :-
Go To My Computer And Right Click On C: Drive.
And Select Properties.
A Popup Menu Will Be Open.
In This Menu Navigate To Tools Tab.
You Can Find Error-Checking Option Under It.
Click On Check Now And Fix Essues.

Some other Tips & Advices as a bonus
  • Always uninstall a complete App from Control Panel
  • Keep 5 Gb Always Extra Free Space into Windows Installation Drive
I hope you may like this article I have shared my some of experience and may you will also love it I tried all these stuff and made my PC more Faster you can also do it if you have any question feel free to leave a comment.

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